David Saunders
David Saunders
Agile Therapy Ltd
In a nutshell:
A multidisciplinary Healthcare clinic in Penylan, Cardiff striving to make people more Agile!
Health Care and Complementary Therapy

I’m the Director and Lead Clinician of Agile Therapy, a multidisciplinary Healthcare clinic in Penylan, Cardiff and Director of Agile In Work, taking the Agile culture to the work force!


I didn’t take to being managed well, and with my back against the wall, with not much work options – that’s how Agile Therapy came about. I must give credit to my wife too, as she was the one that  inspired me and gave me the confidence to push into business. I confess that she is the real CEO of me and of Agile Therapy!


Life and work-life isn’t without its problems and I’m the first to admit that I fail regularly. But, I embrace it now and see every failure as an opportunity to progress forward.


Growing a team and seeing them flourish is the best thing about being my own boss.  Plus, the irregular hours really work well with my psychy.


When thinking about top tips I can’t really get away from the cliché here but; fail, fail, fail and fail some more but reframe it as learning. Speak to lots of people that have been there and done it.  Don't be bogged down by theorists...they may be bright but they tend to hide behind a book!