Eira Culverwell
Eira Culverwell
Resolve It
In a nutshell:
Provide training and workshops in how to stay safe
Defence and Security

I was bullied throughout my teenage years and turned to martial arts as a way to regain confidence.  I now hold two black belts, I’m a 4th Dan in Kyokushin Karate and run a club in my spare time.  I set up Resolve It to provide training and workshops in how to stay safe.  We use personal safety to engage, teach life skills, and develop strategies to cope with challenging situations.

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Eira Culverwell - Resolve It

The company runs accredited and non accredited courses covering topics from self defence and personal safety, to healthy relationships, confidence building, resilience and anger awareness, delivered across primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities and businesses.

Website: www.resolveitcic.co.uk