Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
Welsh ICE
In a nutshell:
Connects start-up businesses with supporters, funders and trainers
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ICE is a project that was established in September 2011 to offer a unique home to start-up businesses and ventures in the UK. We connect new businesses with the leading supporters, funders and trainers in order to ensure they gain exposure to a level of experience that they would not if they were working in isolation.

If people ask you questions that you don’t know the answers to, you learn more and more about your idea and product.  Get used to, and enjoy that awkward feeling – it’s a sign of improvement.

Gareth Jones - Welsh ICE

Coming into a job market without a degree or a clear sense of what I was hoping to achieve left me feeling quite hopeless. I never felt like I could fit into a traditional corporate role, and I didn't want to, having left that world at a young age. Nothing is as soul destroying as applying for jobs that you don't even want, apart from not even getting through the application at all. Growing and developing your own idea is so much more rewarding, and such a valuable learning process, whether successful or not.

I always wanted to work creatively, but without any flair for art I felt limited and bound to a dull career. I worked within a large corporate organisation for a number of years before realising that this was not going to fulfil my ambitions, and then spent a few more trying to work out what might.

As someone who has not taken the beaten path, I can share my experience of the highs and lows of not knowing how to fit in with the world of work. Being relatively young, I can speak with a level of passion and honesty and as my experience is still fairly raw, I think that is refreshing and unique for the younger audience.


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