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In a nutshell:
Indie games developer with a well-known website
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I am an indie games developer with a well-known website, The Game Homepage, and the games I make to promote it. Inspired by an article about millionaire internet entrepreneurs I started developing web games and websites in my spare time whilst I was a graduate student studying at Bangor University.

Keep working long and hard enough though and you can turn it into a good business. Maybe even a great one.

Gaz Thomas - Gaz Thomas Media Ltd 

With no prior experience in website development, the first few websites I developed flunked but the experience that I gained from creating and managing them was invaluable. Gradually the websites that I developed became better and better and gained more and more visitors and started to make a bit of money. It was then that I began to really believe that I could make a really popular website – something I eventually managed to achieve.

I love the flexibility of being my own boss. If it’s a sunny day, I can take the day off and make up for it when the weather is bad. As long as I have my laptop, I can go on long holidays too.

I didn’t know how to make websites or games when I started, I had no relevant experience, and a total investment of £40. Thankfully there’s lots of free information online and, if you do it yourself, setting up a website is cheap. I’ve since become a known name in my sector. My creations have been played over 500 million times by players all over the world.

Anybody can reach an audience of millions thanks to the internet. People don’t care if something was made by a multimillion corporation or some kid on his laptop as long as it’s fun and useful.