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In a nutshell:
Independent game developer with a popular website
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I started making free games in my spare time while in University.  One of my games went viral achieving over 100,000 plays.  That gave me the confidence to pursue web entrepreneurship and game development full time when I finished my course.  I’ve since made over 100 games and they have been played over a billion times.  I’ve also received a BAFTA commendation and broken a Guinness World Record.  

Keep working long and hard enough though and you can turn it into a good business. Maybe even a great one.

Gaz Thomas - Gaz Thomas Media Ltd 

An important part of entrepreneurship for me is to try out new ideas.  I like to make mini-games and put them on the web to see what people think.  If an idea is received well I will develop it further, otherwise I’ll move on to the next one.  


I set up my business on a shoestring budget and learned most of my skills by following online tutorials.  As with any long-term project determination, focus, and resilience have been key factors for success.  Another important ingredient is market research and collecting feedback.  I have changed direction and modified my strategy many times based on new things I have learned.