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Gemma Hallet
In a nutshell:
miFuture is a careers app for school leavers
Information Communication Technology (ICT)

miFuture smart matches school leavers with jobs, courses, apprenticeships and volunteering positions. Co-created by 2500 local young people, we are on a mission to mobilise 100,000 school leavers towards employability and prosperity.

It was simply a case of it not now, then when? If not me, then who? It was never my intention to leave teaching, but by co-creating something with young people and seeing their excitement and passion, I just had to leave teaching and fulfil a promise I made to these school leavers.

Making an impact inspires me! There’s 7 million young people in the UK transitioning from school, college and training right now, I want to impact them and reduce barriers. Youth poverty is growing at an alarming rate, so by ‘Impact’ I mean raising aspirations and mobilising them towards priority and growth sectors, which would lead to higher- skilled higher-paid roles.

Success to me means ‘The ability to do what I want to do, when I want to do it’. Being my own boss gives me the freedom and flexibility to achieve this.

Two things I’d tell any founder is to shout about what you are doing, then shout some more. Then find your tribe, the cheerleaders that can directly support what you are doing and those who genuinely want to support you as an individual. There is a wonderful ecosystem of supporters in Wales!