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Ianto Jones
In a nutshell:
A Medical Business selling traditional Welsh cream called Eliawen. The recipe has been created and handed down Ianto’s family for hundreds of years.
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Isle of Anglesey

I started the business to facilitate the commercialisation of my family’s traditional burns cream. This will enable more people to benefit from this natural healing product, that has been used locally on Anglesey for hundreds of years.

 The business is a Medical Business and it was set up to facilitate a SMART partnership between Welsh Government, Mon Naturals and Bangor University. Our product a traditional Welsh cream called Eliawen is a family recipe handed down for hundreds of years. The cream has been used for Burns and Wounds, but we have now identified that it also aids with infections, inflammation and other external skin conditions. We have just received our Cosmetic Compliance Certificate which allows us to start trading legally for the first time. We are now negotiation with large company reference manufacturing and selling the cream. Further research will be continued to aid further validation of the cream's claims.

 As a student studying History and Archaeology at Bangor University I attended a workshop for entrepreneurs. The ESP (enterprise support programme) gave me the base to start this project by giving me support, sign posting me and funding a Business Consultant.

 I was inspired by my father, a gentle, loving and extremely hard-working creative man. He was a highly respected senior engineer for Rio Tinto PLC and worked all over the world. He was also an inventor and problem solver and developed 3 patents that I am aware of for Rio Tinto and their partners.

 We’ve faced many problems and hurdles such as not being taken seriously by Academics, under funding, legislation issues, IP ownership, validating claims and getting recognition for the work. But all the above just makes us more determined.


The best things about being your own boss is the freedom to follow your goals, to self-manage and be in charge of your own destiny. The opportunity to make your own decisions. The privilege of being able to employ people. To work with people, organisations and institutions of your choice. To choose what projects to work on. To be able to help in any way you see fit either medically or economically your community or further afield. The privilege and responsibility to be able to make a difference to humanity and leave a legacy befitting my ancestors. 


One tip would be to follow your passion. Think of something you would like to explore and if you have an interest in it or its already a hobby of yours.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, your vision may be unique so trust yourself. If you believe in what you are doing you will achieve it. Dedication, perseverance and patience are key factors in staying humble and focused. The higher we climb the longer it takes but the rewards are far greater.