Ioan Hefin
Ioan Hefin
Ioan Hefin
In a nutshell:
Freelance actor, writer and director in theatre, film, television and radio
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I am a freelance actor, writer and director in theatre, film, television and radio. I also support delivery on the BA Acting course at University of Wales, Trinity St David.

Do not be put off by thinking that the work doesn’t materialise instantly. Commitment and perseverance don’t have a sell-by date. Keep going!

Ioan Hefin - Ioan Hefin

I fell into the industry by chance! I hadn’t even studied drama at school or university. After I had gained a music degree from Cardiff University, I was not good enough to play the trumpet professionally, and was faced with limited options after graduating. I found myself stuck for choices before trying my luck with a theatre company.

I was fortunate enough to secure a business set-up grant in the 1980s, which gave me £40 a week and enabled me to work with CC3 Theatre Company where I gained experience and training. It took a long time to convince the authorities that acting was a valid business.

I love the freedom and responsibility of being my own boss. Every day is different. Every client is unique.

My personal outlook is not to strive to change anything but to simply learn from it. Every time something doesn’t work, I try to set a plan to make sure it works better the next time.

Acting is so unpredictable and is largely based on your ability to land the job. Luckily for me, there are still roles for every age, so as long as I maintain my focus, drive and courage to venture into the unknown, then who knows where I’ll be in 10 years’ time.

Acting and the performing arts industry is a very, very competitive sector. I’ve been very lucky to meet key individuals at key moments, but I’ve also been quite meticulous with my own ambition, drive, energy and commitment.