Ioan Ings
Akron Productions
In a nutshell:
Young Ambassador - A company specialising in videography, photography and animation.
Creative Services


My business is called ‘Akron Productions’ which is a company specialising in videography, photography and animation. We cover everything, for example, promotional videos, live events, wedding videos, short films and food/drink videos and photos.


My journey in the entrepreneurial world started for me when I was 15 years old and I had to choose my work experience placement. I had an interest in film, working on a few of my own short films so I knew I wanted a placement in the film industry. I worked with a company called Broadside and from there I worked as a runner on a few films sets and worked upwards from there, testing out all departments such as the camera department and the assistant director department. I loved film but I always wanted to run my own business so I used my experience from film sets to set up a Videography/Photography business.


What I found difficult at the beginning was to trust myself, and to know that I was making the right decision. I felt as though I had the necessary skills to do what I wanted to do but I couldn’t help having that voice of self-doubt in my head. It turned out that self-doubt was a good motivator, I wanted to prove that I was doing the right thing to my family and friends.


My main inspiration were the other filmmakers in my area who followed their passion and did some really fantastic things off the back of it. It gave me the confidence to follow in their footsteps and follow my passion also.


One of the best things about being your own boss is getting that first string of paid jobs and realising that the job I dreamt of having was now my reality. Nothing will beat that buzz of getting booked in for a month of work because of your talents.