Jamie McAnsh
Jamie McAnsh
See no bounds
In a nutshell:
Motivational Speaker and Adventurer

Who Is the man who climbed a mountain on his hands?

Jamie is an honoured Winner of the prestigious Brave Britain Award as well as a multi award winner for outstanding achievements. Jamie as seen on wales online is also the man who climbed a mountain on his hands. Why? Because he wanted to reach his summit, and nothing was going to stop him.

A ruthless adventurer. A Pioneer for disability sports. Proud member of the Cardiff Archers wheelchair basketball Team. Former welsh international wheelchair rugby player and a member of the South wales Handcycle team in the 2015 Carten100. Jamie’s other achievements include, being the first Wheelchair user ever complete the WAAT4 challenge and becoming the first disabled squash player to compete in the Welsh Open Masters tournament against able bodied players. His aim is to promote disability squash.

Jamie loves working with young people and is a definite must when it comes to being part of the learning journey.

Jamie is a motivational speaker with the ability to inspire each and every listener, guaranteed. With his belief that we all face a mountain to climb, his condition makes him no different from anyone else.

Sharing in his talks, stories of struggles, challenges and success. Providing many different perspectives on how to approach a challenge, and how to overcome the mental blocks we all face.  Jamie’s goal is to work with young people of all ages to assist them in finding ways to connect with their own inner strength and aptitude. Sometimes we just need to think outside the box. This attitude became Jamie’s fundamental business model and is what has made him a lasting success.

Jamie has a great ability to interact with young people of all ages. He brings with him stories of adventure and a meaning of spirit showing young people you need to fight for what you truly want. He offers a real message of adapting and overcoming in the eye of adversity. Jamie will leave behind a real buzz in the room.

In January 2014, Jamie AKA Mr See No Bounds woke up not being able to use his legs. After a tedious journey of medical assessment, Jamie was eventually diagnosed with a functional neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

However, instead of focusing on life in a wheelchair! Jamie developed a taste for adventure and turned his frustrations into sparking his creative abilities. And out of the ashes of a life changing disaster See No Bounds was born. Jamie is committed to living life outside the box.