Joseph George
Joseph George
In a nutshell:
Rapper, Songwriter and Performer
Creative Services

Joey.G is a Rapper, Songwriter and Performer who produces, promotes, and sells albums.

Joey. G performs in various venues such as pubs, clubs, schools, assemblies, workshops, festivals, churches, fun-days, camps, celebrations, functions, evangelistic outreaches, missions, TV, and radio. He has had the opportunity to perform in four different continents: namely – Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin-America. His music continues to circle the globe. Joey.Gs now based in Abergele, North Wales, United Kingdom.

Joey.G ventured into the music industry to make a CD as a one-off project to raise money for humanitarian efforts such as orphanages, relief for the poor, building schools, hospitals, and clinics in less fortunate communities. To start him off on this adventure, Joey.G obtained a test-Marketing Grant from the Princes Trust and that paid for the studio time needed to produce his first E.P entitled Signs of the Last days.

Joey. G grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Kurtis Blow, M. C. Hammer, LL. Cool J, Shalamar, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Cameo to name a few. On becoming a Christian, he has been influenced by D.C. Talk, Grits, Cross-Movement, Gospel Gangstaz, Priesthood, T-bone, Tunnel Rats, New Breed, GreenJade and the Clique 116 Crew.

I have come up against financial struggles, motivation struggles, people not believing in me, people trying to talk me out of pursuing my dream and the temptation to give up.

The best thing about being my own boss is the opportunity to determine when, where and how I work. I also get the opportunity to explore my ideas, be creative and pursue my dream without anyone dictating what I can or can’t do.

My top tips for Young Entrepreneurs are:

1)         Pursue your dream and vision with all your heart

2)         Don’t give up when the obstacles arise

3)         Believe in yourself, stay inspired and focused on the end goal