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A practical guide for parents and educators to help raise happy, resourceful, resilient, children with a ‘can-do’ mindset.
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Seventeen years ago, Lorraine had the opportunity to start up her own business and has not looked back since. She is founder of one of the first business information portals in the UK (known as the ‘Google for Business’), worked on Wales-wide arts education projects, and has run several other businesses since. She is author of three books: ‘Enterprising Child’ (2012), ‘The Can-Do Child: Enriching the Everyday the Easy Way’ (2017), and ‘A Parent’s Guide to Easy, Screen-Free Activities Children Will Love’ (2020) regularly featuring in the Amazon Kindle Top 20 Family Activity, and Parenting categories.

Following external investment in late 2014, the business has grown steadily, completed a re-brand, and now has an established product range including apps, online learning, and activity cards, with world-wide distribution. Lorraine works in the UK and internationally including South Africa, and the Middle East.

Lorraine enjoys being her own boss because it allows her the flexibility both in terms of working around health issues, but also as a self-employed parent. Being there for her son whether on the school run, at after school activities, or just having some ‘chill’ time are things she wouldn’t be able to do if working a 9-5 job. In terms of future work plans, she is firmly focused on the growth of the business, including expanding the distribution centres.

Lorraine has been a Role Model for over 5 years, and hopes that her insights and experiences offer a great platform from which to help young people explore, and realise their full potential.

Her 4 top tips for anyone thinking about starting a business are:

  • Test trade first – make sure people want your product and find out what they’ll pay.

  • Bootstrap, don’t borrow - don’t start your business with a debt.

  • Be flexible with your ideas and plans – the road to success is rarely a straight one!

  • Network – online and offline. Start making connections before you start your business.


Website: www.candochild.com



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