Owain Hughes
Owain Hughes
West Wales Weighing
In a nutshell:
Weighing machines and customised thermal labelling.

West Wales Weighing is family business with proven experience as a supplier of weighing machines and thermal scale labelling throughout the UK. In addition to supplying some of the top producers of the UK with weighing machines, we also provide a bespoke labelling service to help producers promote their own brand.

As a local family business, we are passionate about supporting local businesses and individuals as they take steps towards improving their weighing solutions and ensure they are following government guidelines in terms of labelling requirements.

How did a teacher become a small business owner?

Well, it started whilst on a short career break from the classroom. Having recently returned from Canada, I found myself with a little bit of spare time on my hands. Having observed and supported my dad whilst he took early retirement from all things weighing, I spotted an opportunity in the labelling sector and developed what would become a truly family affair. Why did I start the business? I have always been interested in business from an early age, and love to learn new things. Starting a business was to be the new thing and I have never looked back.

Who or what inspired you

My dad is someone who inspires me. Having had the opportunity to work with him in business, with his experience, he has taught me many new skills from learning how to program a weighing machine to dealing with customers face to face. 

Having worked with children for the majority of my working life, children are always a source of inspiration. I am always amazed by some of their ideas and lack of fear on potential directions their lives may take.

Any problems you’ve overcome

One of the problems which I have found difficult to overcome and still something that needs constant attention is working with family members. It can be difficult at times to know when the business talking should end and the family talking should begin.

Work / life balance can be difficult to manage when running a small business. I have two young children and you have to be very disciplined with managing your working hours to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your home life.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

The best thing about being my own boss is having control (most of the time) over decision making. There is something very liberating about being able to make business decisions without having to ‘ask the boss’ (most of the time).

I also find it very rewarding when you have overseen and have been involved throughout the whole process of acquiring a new customer from early negotiations to finally securing the business.

Having the flexibility to choose your working hours and the ability to try new ideas is also very rewarding.

Top tips for young entrepreneurs, and any particular areas of expertise you can offer

1. Be inspired and always learn from others.

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (FAIL – First attempt in learning)

3. Researching the market that you are thinking of entering and learn about your product/service.