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Rachael Wheatley
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I was really creative as a child, not bad at drawing. I really admired people who took control of their own destiny – not just dreaming about something they’d like to do, but actually taking steps to make it happen and then working incredibly hard to be successful. I now own my own creative agency in Swansea, we’re successful and growing year on year – I really love what I do. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can and I want to inspire others to take the plunge, be creative and perhaps create a business of their own.

2 people hugely inspired me: The first was my GCSE art tutor who taught me that it was possible to run your own business – she did and she totally believed that I could do it too.

The second was my manager when I worked in a large Reading based, software company called Oracle Corporation UK. He gave me so many opportunities, taught me that I needed to work really hard, challenged and pushed me to do better every day. These were great qualities that I now try to instil in everyone who works for me.

And these days I’m inspired by all the people that take the plunge and start businesses themselves.

There were times in the early days where I couldn’t pay myself and that was tough with a young family to take care of.

People think you are crazy – leaving a full time, well paid job to do something so risky.

Building a team that has just as much passion about the business as you do can be tricky, but perseverance does eventually pay off.

I can do what I want when I want to. I’ve had some many wonderful experiences and opportunities that I’m not sure I would have had if I didn’t have my own company. I’ve travelled in Europe and America, spoken to people I never dreamt I would. I’ve been invited to so many events, seen so many beautiful places and had so many amazing people offer advice and help which has made all the hard work worth it.

My top tips: Keep motivated, Develop your personal brand, Time is money, Communication is key, Attitude is everything


With over 20 years’ experience Rachael has enjoyed working with ambitious companies and individuals to develop brands, increase sales and drive their businesses forward using the right combination of visuals, words and strategy. In recent years Rachael has enjoyed working at a strategic level with organisations to increase success both in the private and public sector across the UK, helping organisations such as NHS Wales, Welsh Government as well as assisting start-up companies or businesses looking to rebrand or reshape their offering.

Providing recommendations on the direction a brand, product or service should take and then developing practical solutions for marketing plans to define the brand elements and tone.

As Chair of the Creative Industries Employer Board at Gower College, Rachael is highly passionate about the future of the creative industry and wants to encourage more entrepreneurship in the region by helping to accelerate change, increase awareness of the possibilities and provide inspiration to others.