Rob Lester
Rob Lester
Moral Training & Development
In a nutshell:
Training & Development
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Moral Training & Development provides an opportunity to develop yourself, your people & your business. Working collaboratively to allow individuals & teams to be happy with themselves – “Becoming The Best Me”.

I started my business after redundancy from a previous career. My inspiration came from asking myself the question "What do I really love doing?" The answer was helping, developing and supporting others so I decided that I would go for it.  I got help and support from Business Wales and HSBC then took the plunge.

The best thing about being my own boss is that I am able to set my own agenda. I am in control of my time and what I do or how I do it and I am also in control of the variety of work.

Being a first time business owner, there have been many problems to overcome such accounting, finances and the impact of the Covid Lockdown. I overcame these obstacles through huge amounts of resilience and belief plus surrounding myself with good supportive people.

My top tips for young entrepreneurs would be to investigate every avenue and look for support - it is out there and to do what you love.