Ryan Powell
Ryan Powell
Takeover Academy
In a nutshell:
Takeover Academy delivers Video Creation workshops to children interested in YouTube and TikTok to develop their skills in camera, lighting, sound and editing.
Creative Services
Blaenau Gwent

Takeover Academy sees 1,000 children on average every month. The business delivers video making workshops across both Wales and England. Children can also sign up to take part in some of the online courses to further develop their skills. Takeover Academy’s aim is to get children into TV, Film and other creative media careers through training.

This business idea was tested long before it started officially. I started the business to provide something for children who might not fit in at regular afterschool clubs (Football, Rugby etc) and wanted a safe place to develop their interest in digital media. I started the business to get children off their gaming consoles and get them being creative with their skillsets. I started the business by investing £50 into room hire and then filling the spaces through free Facebook advertising to test the market.

I was inspired in business by Walt Disney. The idea that we are only limited by our imagination and the amazing impact we can have on young people through media is incredible. I was also inspired to start a business by the financial freedom it can create not only for myself but for the people around me as well.

In 2020, I had a massive fall due to the pandemic. The company I was in, sadly didn’t make it due to this. This resulted in financial problems and being insulted online. This was a personal struggle I had to learn from and adapt for when the projects restarted. Now, the project is healthier than before because of the struggles that we have been through.

The best thing about being my own boss is the fact I can choose my own hours, adjust strategy to suit both my business and my lifestyle and help myself and others financially. It gives me more creative freedom to change my life more flexibly than a job would.

Marketing Strategy is my main area of expertise. I have launched multiple shows to become sell-outs through clear market testing and PR coverage. You should ALWAYS test your product/service before investing capital into the project.

Secondly, I am always investing and making sure my finances are maximised. I have expertise in investing both my personal wage and business money into assets such as crypto, gold, silver, stocks and shares. I want everyone to have the opportunity of financial freedom from a few smart and simple choices they can make. One of the worst places for spare capital is in the bank. I wish more people knew this.