Sara Hunter
FunQi Life
In a nutshell:
Empower individuals to tap into their Unique Self Potential
Health care and Complementary care

Before setting up my own business I worked in sales and marketing in the Middle East and then for Avon in the UK as a sales manager, going on to be regional manager for Body Shop Direct, which was mainly training and motivation for their direct sales force.

I had no idea what I wanted to do but inspiring others to succeed was always what motivated me in all of my work experiences.

My company, FUNQi Life, was set up to empower individuals to tap into their USP  - Unique Self Potential.


"Find your inner resilience and your own Unique Self then the right job will find you!"

Sara Maynard - FunQi Life

This is the power in the cells of your body, connected to the Qi, the life force energy.

We offer coaching in groups and one to one sessions, we work in local fitness centres and in schools, in local companies, within the NHS and in supporting various local charities. 

I have also set up a community interest company which works with women with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).