Shaun Roberts
Shaun Roberts
Creative Catalysts
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Online marketing agency
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I was an undergraduate when I started actively gathering information about running my own company. While at a start-up event I decided, ‘I can do this’ and have never looked back.  Whilst at college I participated in a wide range of enterprise activities and met lots of inspirational role models. I also took part in the Go Wales work placement scheme and at 18 became an IT manager.

Realise that being young is an advantage not a barrier.  Anyone can start a business; you just need confidence and belief in yourself. Don’t be afraid to seek advice and support and use any opportunities that come your way

Shaun Roberts - Creative Catalysts

Creative Catalysts is an Online Marketing Agency that takes clients from ideas to reality. We also design mobile applications to cater for this growing market.   I really enjoy being my own boss – the whole process of business fascinates me, from the strategic planning to working with a large client base to networking with new contacts.