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Sian Ridd
Focused Minds
In a nutshell:
Mindset & More! Delivering organisational and individual wellbeing support & training
Life sciences

Focused Minds delivers wellbeing support tailored to the individuals within the organisations. Opportunities are also available for 1:1 support for Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy.

After working in Public, Private and Third sector organsations, I needed to further pursue my love of working with people to suport them in empowering their own progress, hence the formation of Focused Minds. I’ve been fortunate to support many people facing varying barriers in life and work and also combine this with being able to deliver to a wider audience via the wellbeing training programmes that I have  developed.

Further self employed experiences, along with an established construction company, I thrive on being able to share my experiences.

I’m inspired by the desire to share with others how you CAN overcome any barriers that you feel are in the way. My own experince has taught me that with a high work ethic, consistent effort and an undertanding of your core values, you can achieve your dreams. This is a message that needs to be shared and experienced by all!

I’ve overcome many years of feeling like I had to fit the mould and get a “proper” job; for 20+ years I held respectable jobs in recognised industries, providing levels of career and financial security. Whilst every job taught me much, I was unsettled and unfufilled. That was, until I took the time to reflect and assess what made ME tick -rather than what of me fitted in elsewhere. This was a life changing moment that lead me down the path of suporting others, and ultimatley supporting myself.

The best bit about being your own boss is being true to yourself. The ability to do something you have a passion for, in a way that you know is authentic, means that you will feel fulfilled in the work you do.

Being your own boss means that you have the flexibility to work to your own demands, timescales and clients. Whilst you might in the early years say Yes to more than you should, when you have built a business you can be specific about what and who you work with.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it!” Maya Angelou

Establish an excellent work ethic
Never settle for less than trying your best
Be clear on why you want to do what you do and align with your core values
Understand your ideal client
Deliver what the client wants not what you want.
Make time for the ‘planning’ as well as the ‘doing’

Areas of expertise:

Well being – individual & organisational
Stress management/ Time Management/ Effective Communications
Resilience / Motivation/ Confidence
Additional self employed experience that I draw on are my existing construction company and previous corporate catering company (as the in-house caterer to Amazon)