Stacey Adamiec
Stacey Adamiec
Revue Studios
In a nutshell:
Encouraging creative ideas into structured business models
Creative Services

I left college with a performing arts background and no thought of running my own company. 

But that ‘lightbulb’ moment came when as a dancer I failed an audition, and promised myself I’d never let someone else dictate my path in life. 

I bought a city centre building which is now a busy creative enterprise hub, offering space for classes, workshops and seminars with support to engage young people, women in business and encouraging creative ideas into structured business models.

"Dream big, then back up the risk with sheer determination - learning everything you need to in order to get there, ignoring any doubters along the way."

Stacey Adamiec - Revue Studios


I buried myself in business books for five years before I started my business, but I was gathering good contacts at the same time. 

Cash flow was a problem to begin with because of the high cost of the building I’d taken on.  But I love the freedom that being my own boss gives me, to turn my ideas into reality and create financial gain from doing so.

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