Tim Penn
Tim Penn
Signature Leather Limited
In a nutshell:
"Made in Britain" sporting and fashion glove collection
Advanced materials and manufacturing

I left school at sixteen with a passion to be a jockey and I went on to have a ten-year international sporting career as an Amateur jockey.

I decided to return to formal education in my early forties starting with GCSE French and German I went on to also gain 3 A-levels a BA (Hons) from the Open University culminating with a Masters Degree (MBA) from Durham University as well as qualifying as a teacher with a PGCE.

"Don’t be put off if a business idea is not "fully formed" when starting out.

This is because the marketplace, when presented with a new product or service offering will very quickly contribute towards the "fine tuning" of any new business start with its demands and requirements."

Tim Penn - Signature Leather Limited


I founded Signature Leather Limited in 2005 a company focused on the world-wide distribution of our own "Made in Britain" sporting and fashion glove collection.

Our "claim to fame" and differentiation is that our gloves are all hand cut and finished with tools and skills from the Victorian age which we still use today.