Zoila Garman
Zoila Garman
In a nutshell:
Business Coaching and Mentoring for Young Entrepreneurs
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My name is Zoila Garman, I am a 'Powerhouse': Motivational Speaker, Actress, Model, Singer, Artist, Software Development, Coach, Mentor, and mother of 2. OUR MISSION in ZYGER FIT is to revolutionize society for the better and help young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and goals through business coaching and mentoring.

I had a couple of difficult episodes where I felt frustrated and meaningless. My life wasn't easy, as a mum, with no help, I felt devalued. A series of sad episodes such as losing my job, going through health difficulties and my father passing away were the initiators of my depression. Long story short, I started to see that there should be a better way of living for me and my two little ones so I started to wake up to a more positive personality and after I overcame depression, I decided that I wanted to help other people.  I founded ZYGER FIT which delivers Fitness for the mind. Our main phrase is WE ROAR TOGETHER because we want to bring "togetherness" with a higher meaning into society.

ZYGER FIT is a new movement in Wales where we help people overcome limiting beliefs, anxiety, and depression through coaching, mentoring, and motivational content. We have a radio show on 98.7 FM every Saturday at 1 pm. Also, we have a YouTube channel and a Podcast (ZYGER FIT) where we share words of encouragement & empowerment with a special touch of Afro-Caribbean music combined with European rhythms to empower our audience and welcome a variety of cultures & ethnicities.

Regardless of your business, your background, skin colour, or status, we all need to work together to provide a better society for us and for those behind us. Encouraging young people will make "THE" difference for future ADULTS or for the future society in which I want to live.