Jonathon Harrington


Jonathon Harrington


Brecon, Powys

Key Specialism

Crop management including grass and forage production.



Why are you an effective Advisor?

Is the advice based on evidence, is it practical; economic and useful? 

The motto of The Royal Agricultural Society is ‘Practice with Science’ and this describes what is required for a successful farming industry. In the past 70 years we have seen more innovation and progress than in the previous 700 and these have helped to feed a burgeoning world population which has tripled. In order to avoid destroying much of the areas provided by nature we need to produce more food from no larger area than we now farm.

In the 23rd century there is an array of scientific methods available to our forebears and with judicial use these have the potential not only to revolutionise our production methods but also to reduce the adverse effects on the wider environment. The ‘green deserts’ which produce very little but occupy vast areas and are increasingly occupied by bracken and gorse must be restored.

Making use of what modern science has to offer and combining this with the knowledge and expertise in our farming families the opportunities to improve our essential industry as well as the environment are considerable and must not be ignored.

This is why effective advice is so important for all our futures.


  • Raised on a family farm in mid-Wales; HND in Agriculture in Harper Adams in 1977
  • BASIS and FACTS fully qualified adviser. BSc Hons in Crop Science (Harper Adams)
  • He has worked in many Britain and South Africa agriculture areas advising on thousands of acres of crops.
  • Honourary Visiting Lecturer at Cardiff University School of Biosciences.
  • Member NFU Cymru Crops Committee.

Top Tip/Quote

"Only measure what you need to know"