Edward Calcott


Edward Calcott


Staffordshire, England. He travels to most of mid, north and south Wales. 

Key Specialism

Business consultancy. Business planning; assistance with obtaining bank funding; budgeting; contract farming; rent tenders; business appraisals and reviews. 


Poultry, beef, sheep, arable, mixed farming, diversification. Everything but dairy. 

Why are you an effective Advisor?


Edward is a hard working farm business consultant who carries out consultancy work for 4 days a week whilst actively farming for the other 3 days of the week. 

In his consultancy work, he works with primarily poultry and mixed farming businesses. He has carried out numerous one-off jobs which have generated repeat work for clients – the main activity being forward budgeting, then comparing budget to actual to determine what went well/ didn’t go well and why. The why is very important to identify what can be improved on to ensure good, ongoing financial performance. 

Edward is well respected with his clients and communicates well and on their level. He provides a high standard of work in a timely manner. He always strives to provide a high level of service to provide good value for money. It is not in his interest to create work which will not benefit the business.

Edward has set up a broiler unit and now runs that on a day to day basis. He carries out detailed enterprise costings for this and oversaw the capital budget; planning process; and application for the bank funding. 

Edward plays a big part in the mixed farming family business. His main roles are strategic – carrying out grant applications; enterprise costings; cashflow management and managing workload. Edward also gets his hands dirty and assists at peak times such as lambing, calving and harvest. 

Edward set up the marketing and pricing profiles for the families self-catered holiday lets and over see’s their management. 

Edward also manages the seasonal turkey enterprise where the family business produces 2,500 turkeys for Christmas where all processing and marketing is done on site. He runs the website, recruits processing staff; liaises with customers; manages the admin process for direct sales; runs stock control; and calculates the cost of production in order to determine pricing strategies


  • BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Farm Business Management 2:1
  • Won the IAgriM Farm planner competition. 

Top Tip/Quote

 "Be realistic with your financial planning and always allow for contingencies"