Juliet Anderson


Juliet Anderson


Monmouthshire and Breconshire

Key Specialism

Arable and Grassland


Technical Grassland and Crop Management

Why are you an effective Advisor?

Juliet has over 20 Years experience in the Industry.

Juliet works on a daily basis on farms advising farmers on arable and grassland issues

A good communicator who listens to farmers about any issues they are encountering.

FACTS qualified consultant, providing fertiliser advice, soil management advice and nutrient planning work.

Working on past Farming Connect projects, she understands that the needs of different farmers vary and takes this into consideration and is well versed in explaining topics in a farmer friendly manner.

A degree and a Masters in Crop and soil science has given Juliet in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Juliet is used to holding individual, group meetings and speaking at large events on a variety of arable subjects, and also demonstrating various symptoms of cereal diseases.

Having a good understanding of the new Control of pollution regulations, she is able to offer advice and solutions to help farmers manage this on their farms.

Being involved with Agricultural trials on arable crops allows good experience of new varieties and chemicals.

Regular meetings with chemical manufacturers and also Industry representatives.

Juliet is very passionate about her role within the agricultural industry and is proactive in keeping up to date with any industry changes through continual professional development.


  • Degree in Crop Science and Management
  • Masters Degree in Crop Science and Management
  • Basis Qualified
  • Facts Qualified
  • PA1 and PA6A Qualifications

Top Tip/Quote

“No question is too small or irrelevant”.