Richard Hooson


Richard Hooson



Key Specialism

Livestock Technical Advice
Financial advice
FACTS qualified
Strategy planning 
Succession and Joint Ventures


Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Business, Arable and Grassland.

Why are you an effective Advisor?

Richard has over 20 years consultancy and advisory experience.

A qualified financial advisor.

Richard runs the family farm with his mother and understands the day to day issues that farmers face.

He is passionate to help businesses improve profitability, and has a positive family relationship to allow succession plans to be easy for the next generation.

Competent in budgeting and long term planning for all types of farm. 

Richard has an excellent knowledge of the technical performance of dairy cows and uses this knowledge to help improve performance, profitability and reduce carbon footprint.

Richard having worked as a sales manager for a leading milking parlour company has in depth knowledge of milking parlours - both how to maximise their performance and for those investing in new equipment – what works well and what to ensure is written into any agreement pre investment.

Another specialism would be his knowledge of livestock lighting -  with over 40 years of research it is proven to improve both milk yield and growth rates by 10% over and above the normal winter performance. Ensuring this circadian rhythm is set up correctly for each animal type is not commonplace on farms in the UK but Richard has the equipment to check both light intensity and light spectrum to ensure this is set up to optimal levels, and the knowledge to interpret and make sensible recommendations.


  • 2:1 Degree in Agri-Business Management
  • FACTS qualified
  • 20 years of experience as an Agricultural Consultant.
  • Previous role as a financial advisor for a high street bank.
  • Worked as sales manager for a milking parlour provider.
  • Veterinary commercial lead with Dyneval.
  • Managing high performance teams (8 day residential course)
  • Prince 2 foundation project management qualification
  • Competent Business Link Advisor Assessment (SFEDI) 

Top Tip/Quote

“Measure twice, cut once.”.