Business topics

Business and Business Performance    

Review or evaluate your business performance. Discuss your business plan. 

Begin the benchmarking process. 

Review overhead costs.


Staff Management    

Staff contracts. 

Changing employment terms and conditions e.g reducing hours. 

Working health, wellbeing and safety tips.

Performance management and maintaining staff motivation and engagement.


Marketing and Diversification    

Where to start on a diversification project.

Understanding your marketing mix.

Identifying and reaching your target audience/customers.

Branding advice and social media marketing.


Agriculture and Succession Law    

Discuss any issues regarding agriculture law or succession including topics such as joint ventures, partnership agreements, tenancies, wills, probate and estate planning. 

Start your succession planning to secure your business.


Financial planning and accountancy    

Look at your business accounts and ways to improve your business structure. 

Future plans for projects - including cash flow. 

Business tax 


Planning and Development    

Discuss issues you may have regarding the  planning processes for buildings on your farm such as new builds, renovations and conversions, renewable energy plans, tourism opportunities.


Carbon Footprinting    

Learn more about carbon footprinting.

Understand what are the main causes of greenhouse gases (GHG) emission in agriculture.

How we can offset carbon emissions.


Milking parlour design and efficiency

Things to consider when planning a new (or improving) parlour system. 

How good parlour design can improve cow comfort as well as health and safety. 

Look at cost effective parlour design ideas or ways to improve existing parlours for better efficiency. 



Look at farm building design and layout to include rules and regulations that need to be met.

Agri pollution and pollution prevention regulations. 

NVZ records and queries - to include, storage calculations, nutrient loadings, what and when can be spread and dirty water solutions.

Farm Regulations - SSAFO.

Discussion on possible grants to support infrastructure improvements.


Milk Quality    

Review your milk quality.

Look at cell counts, milk solids and  bactoscan.


Energy efficiency / Renewable energy    

Discuss options on energy efficiency and what to consider when considering renewable energy options for your farm including electricity supply, planning applications, design and installation. 

Electricity use and analysis (including suppliers). Renewable energy design including off grid.


For more information or to book a surgery please contact your local development officer or the Farming Connect Service Centre on 08456 000 813.