Why Glyn would be an effective mentor

  • Glyn is a former ATB Landbase/Lantra instructor specialising in tractor driving and tractor driving on slopes and has attended several Farming Connect training courses including telehandler training
  • With more than 38 years’ experience of working in agriculture and of operating a variety of farm machinery efficiently and safely, Glyn is keen to impart his knowledge to other farm businesses in a bid to make Welsh farms safer and reduce the risk of accidents
  • An effective communicator with both individuals and groups through his previous roles, he is a good listener, encouraging knowledge transfer through open discussion and providing impartial feedback
  • Glyn recently organised and led Ceredigion YFC’s ‘Efficiency with Safety’ competition
  • He is also a representative on the Ceredigion NFU rural affairs board, with a particular interest in H&S
  • Glyn is a member of his local Farming Connect sheep discussion group, which has focused on Measure to Manage 

Current farm business

  • 160 acre holding, half owned, half rented
  • 250 lowland and 250 upland ewes kept for meat production and replacement stock
  • Agri-contracting business, key services include round bale harvesting and hedge cutting


After leaving school, Glyn undertook a number of NPTC qualifications including beef and sheep production; chainsaw; pesticides; sheep dipping and animal transport, to name a few.  He was also an NPTC examiner before returning home to the family farm and setting up his own agri contracting business.


Top tips for Health and Safety management

 “Always consider your surroundings before carrying out any work and take steps to remove or reduce the risks of any particular hazards.”

“Always inform others what you plan to do and where you plan to work and keep in contact at regular intervals.”

“Always invest time in training and make sure that any vehicles or equipment you work with is in good and safe working order.”

“When working with large animals, make sure you’ve got the proper facilities for the job.”

“Avoid working alone, but if you do, always carry your mobile.”