Graig Olway Farm Facts

Graig Olway Demonstration Site is a 240 hectare (ha) holding operating as dairy, beef and arable enterprise. 

The business is run by Russell Morgan and his mother and aunt, Glenys Morgan and Jane Morgan. 

The farm has been producing milk since Russell’s grandparents bought the holding in 1946. 

In 2013 three milking robots were installed and the housed herd of 170 high yielding Holsteins have since been run on this system. Cow visits to the robot average 3.2 in 24-hour period. 

The herd produces an annual milk yield average of 11,000 litres at 3.95% butterfat and 3.25% protein. Milk is sold to Müller. 

Cows receive a grass and maize silage diet fed as a Total Mixed Ration (TMR). 

Heifers calve at two years old. Calving is on an all year round system with an average calving index of 405 days. 

There are 130 dairy replacements and all other offspring are finished and sold to Kepak.

 The 35-head spring calving beef suckler herd consists of first and second cross Belgian Blue and Charolais animals from the dairy herd.  

101ha of wheat and barley are grown.