01 May 2020


Potato planting is well under way in Pembrokeshire where 32 farmer growers are planting over 1100ha of 31 different varieties for Puffin Produce destined to supply supermarkets all over Wales for the coming year. Sold as supermarket own label potatoes and the flagship ‘Blas y Tir’ brand, a recent multi million expansion plan has developed the most modern and efficient potato sorting and packing line in Europe. This has been put to good use in the past month with increased demand due to the Covid-19 lockdown seeing throughput going up by 20%. Investment in state-of-the-art controlled storage facilities on the Withybush site has meant that the company have been able to source plenty of supplies to meet this demand.

First out of the ground in June will be the Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes which gained European Protected Geographical Status (PGI) in 2013. These will be followed by a range of potato varieties throughout the year from classic Maris Piper and King Edward to the deep red Rudolph through to new varieties such as Belana, selling as salad potatoes, bakers, all-rounder potatoes and baby potatoes. A range of seasonal vegetables, including leeks, cauliflower, savoy cabbage and spring onions are also grown and Welsh daffodils are supplied when in season.    

With such promising demand, more land is needed for potato production. Pictured planting 25ha of the variety Orla near Milford Haven for supermarket supply in the autumn are two new young growers, Tom Rees and Euros Davies, who are working together to share the machinery and labour investment required. 

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