22 August 2023


Farmers and growers in Wales are being reminded of the many good reasons to upskill and take advantage of the abundance of training opportunities available to them.

Philippa Gough, of Lantra Wales, says training and development are important for every business. 

“They help businesses to ensure employees perform well, stay motivated and reach their potential,’’ she points out. 

And there are multiple additional benefits too, from sharpening up existing skills to learning new ones.

Providing training opportunities to staff also allows a business to build a more adaptable and flexible workforce and, by becoming more efficient, it helps to cut costs and increases productivity, Philippa adds.

Farming Connect offers a range of training courses subsidised by up to 80% for registered individuals.

There are a wide range of short courses available, in business, land, machinery and equipment, and livestock, offered through a network of approved training providers. 
“Applying for Farming Connect skills and training is largely an online process and registered individuals can apply at a time that suits them and access one-to-one help and support at any stage they might need it,’’ advises Philippa.

For more information on future support, you should contact a local Farming Connect Development Officer, a training provider or by telephoning the Farming Connect Service Centre on 03456 000 813.

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