An innovative new approach to benchmarking has been launched by Farming Connect to help farm businesses in Wales record and measure how well they are performing against a range of key performance indicators.

The ‘Measure to Manage’ red meat module offers an easy to complete system of recording farm data which can then be used to compare performance with similar businesses and pinpoint where improvements can be made.

“In a more competitive world, it is very important to know the physical and financial performance of your business to understand whether any changes need to be made to improve its profitability and sustainability, said Eirwen Williams, Head of Rural Programmes for Menter a Busnes.

“Recording production information, and comparing with other similar businesses, helps you see clearly how well your business is performing. The user friendly Measure to Manage system includes step-by-step data collection fields which make it easier to record information in bite-sized chunks during the production year.”

By inputting data into the Measure to Manage online tool, performance can be measured against key performance indicators including:

  • gross margins (per ha and per ewe/cow basis)
  • flock/herd output
  • variable costs
  • forage costs

The online tool will be accessible to all Farming Connect registered businesses and members of Farming Connect discussion groups, who will also receive on-farm support to complete data collection. The online tool will also allow comparisons between the current and historic performance of an individual farm business, other group members, and figures from the Aberystwyth University Farm Business Survey. .

“Comparing your performance against these figures will help you identify specific strengths and weaknesses in your business and highlight areas for improvement to help you increase the productivity and profitability of your business,” added Eirwen.

For more information and assistance with the Measure to Manage tool, please contact your local Development Officer, whose details can be found at

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