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12 November 2021


Glynllifon college are trialling a new and innovative method of reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption of one of their farm tractors with the help of Farming Connect. South Yorkshire-based start-up Water Fuel Systems have developed a low-cost method of reducing farm machinery exhaust emissions by up to 80% and claim fuel consumption is reduced by 20%.

The small hydrogen converter box contains a reservoir of distilled water and an electrolyser which splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen by passing an electrical current through the tank.

The resulting oxyhydrogen is injected into the conventional diesel engine at a rate of approximately 6%. The manufacturers also claim there is a ‘better burn’ of fuel, which leads to a cleaner engine, meaning that diesel particulate filters need to be replaced less frequently. 

Glynllifon agricultural engineering students saw first-hand how this new technology was retrofitted on to older existing tractors and will be monitoring fuel use and emissions as the John Deere 6630 undertakes farm work over the winter months. The college have sourced distilled water from nearby Halen Môn, which is a by-product from sea salt production. Gareth Williams, engineering lecturer at Glynllifon, said, “It is fantastic to be able to trial this new piece of equipment with the support of Farming Connect to show the next generation of farmers and contractors that low-carbon farming methods are possible with existing and affordable farm machinery”. 

For further information on the project, please contact:-

Simon Pitt, Farming Connect            simon.pitt@menterabusnes.co.uk

Rhys Davies, Farming Connect        rhys.davies@menterabusnes.co.uk


Image: Glynllifon students and the fitted Hydrogen Electrolyser box.

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