Dolygarn Farm Facts

Dolygarn Demonstration Site is a 182 hectare (ha) upland farm farmed by James Powell and his father and uncle, Matthew and Tudor.

James’ grandfather first farmed Dolygarn as a tenant and the family later bought the farm.

The grassland farm rises from 1,000 feet to 1500 and has silty loam soils above clay.

The business produces lamb from a flock of 1000 mostly Aberfield ewes and beef from a herd of 30 suckler cows.

The sheep flock also includes some Welsh ewes which are purchased to sire to an Aberfield tup.

The pure Aberfields are tupped with Aberblack rams to add length and additional muscle to the strength and muscle of the Aberfield.

Rams are turned in with the ewes on November 15th and lambing gets underway outdoors on April 10th for a four-week period.

The flock is housed for three months from January 7th to allow the fields to rest and is turned out again two weeks before lambing. Three hundred ewes are wintered away on tack land.

Lambs are sold to Tesco on a cost of production contract.

The suckler herd consists of Saler and Aberdeen Angus breeds.

10ha of trees have been planted through the Glastir Woodland Creation programme.



A ‘bed and breakfast’ pig unit is currently being established.

A cottage is let out as a holiday rental.

A biomass boiler provides heat for three properties on the farm.