Project Update (December 2019) - Cefngwilgy Fawr: Improving home grown feed value from clovers

Chris Duller is an independent consultant specialising in delivering soil and grassland management advice across all livestock sectors, and he is the leading consultant working on this project at Cefngwilgy Fawr.

A site visit was carried out by Chris Duller and Elan Davies (Farming Connect Red Meat Technical Officer) in December, 2019, to confirm project details and identify the trial fields. 

The images below show the potential trail fields, looking at the soil type and seeing if there are any compaction issues.  The farm has a mixture of soil types, however is mainly clay loam (Manod) and the less free draining silty clay loam (of the Cegin series); which mainly occupy the flatter areas of the farm and can be prone to poaching and winter damage.