Apprenticeships Skills Policy Plan

The Apprenticeships Skills Policy Plan sets out the Welsh Government's vision for addressing the needs of Welsh businesses and the wider economy. It has been designed to increase skills levels in priority areas, including where shortages have been reported.

Our commitment 

Developed in consultation with businesses, the policy and its five year action plan sets out how we will support the delivery of our manifesto and Taking Wales Forward commitment to create a minimum of 100,000 high quality apprentices in Wales over this Assembly term.

We will do this by focussing on four priority areas:

  • Increasing the number of apprentices aged 16-19 by increasing the take-up of quality apprenticeships amongst school leavers
  • Addressing skills shortages by developing apprenticeships particularly in growth and emerging sectors such as the ICT, Engineering, Construction and Financial and Professional Services
  • Developing higher level skills by focussing on apprenticeships at level 4 and above where returns tend to be higher
  • Developing skills pathways by integrating apprenticeships into the wider education system and making it easier for someone to enter into an apprenticeship from another learning route.

The Apprenticeship Levy

The policy also outlines how the impact of the Apprenticeship Levy will be managed in Wales. To help minimise the impact of the levy we are taking a different approach to our counterparts in England, one which is better aligned to and supports the growing needs of Wales, its people and economy.

Our investment

To deliver our priorities we will be increasing our investment in apprenticeships from £96m to £111.5m for 2017-18.  This brings our total investment in apprenticeships and traineeships next year to over £126m.

Of the additional funding, £15.5m will be invested this year to ensure both public and private sector employers are not disadvantaged as a result of the Apprenticeship Levy.​

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Apprenticeships Skills Policy Snapshot
Apprenticeships Skills Policy Snapshot

By 2022 Wales will need the following people ...