Big Ideas Wales Webinars and Events


For those of you who are considering starting a business, we run a range of webinars which can help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to start a business. Please see our upcoming events below. We also have a team of professional business advisors who can support you to start your business. To keep up to date with webinars, opportunities, and to access business support, sign up here.   

Project Start-up

Learn about everything you need to start your own business

Business Start-up Grant webinars

Find out more about how to apply, if you’re eligible and what you can buy

Develop your business idea

Webinars to give your business that competitive edge

Turn your hobby or trade into a business

Webinars to help you to start a business in a field you’re studying or working in right now.

Business Online Support Service

BOSS is here to help you and your business develop through online learning.  It's online learning made simple for starting, running or growing your business.