New Starts in 2022

If you’re 25 or under and facing barriers that stop you from starting a business, looking for a new opportunities, or just have a great business idea then Big Ideas Wales can help. Included below are links to events, podcasts, and idea builders to browse and learn more about it means to be an entrepreneur.

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Big Ideas Wales is part of the Welsh Government's Young Person's Guarantee.


Listen and learn from the experts about branding, finance, law and everything else you need to start a business

Free Start Up Guide

An invaluable reference guide for you to download and keep at your side as you start your business journey

Simply Do Ideas

Like the idea of starting a business, or already got an idea you want to test? Then Simply Do Ideas challenges are perfect for you!

Idea Generator

If you’re not quite sure where to start, then why not use our Ideas Generator? It gets you thinking about your hobbies, skills, interests and generates a useful list of business ideas that you could explore.

Barriers to Start Up Grant

A grant of up to £2,000 is available to help individuals overcome barriers to starting a business. The grant will come as a part of a package of support that will include one-to-one advice and webinars to build confidence in business practices and develop plans for starting a business.