Emyr Jones


Emyr Jones



Key Specialism

Financial business management.
FACTS qualified consultant - fertiliser and soil management advice and nutrient planning work. 


Business, Compliance, Arable & Grassland

Why are you an effective Advisor?

Emyr has worked as an agricultural consultant for 17 years operating in the South West Wales region.

As a FACTS qualitied advisor, Emyr is able to formulate nutrient management plans for farm businesses and give soil and fertiliser advice.

Emyr prepares management accounts for a number of regular clients.

Combining his degree in Accountancy and Finance with his interest in agriculture, Emyr brings a wealth of knowledge on financial and business management. 

A number of benchmarking projects within the industry have been completed.

Emyr undertook research for the Dairying and Environment Project.

Having worked for Cara Ltd for 17 years Emyr has extensive knowledge of support schemes including BPS, Glastir and Water Pollution Regulations. 

Emyr has provided infrastructure advice to a large number of clients in relation to the new Water Pollution Regulations.

Being a sheep farmer and a farmer’s son he is passionate about the development of the Welsh agricultural industry and provides advice to farmers.


  • BA Accounting and Finance
  • FACTS qualified
  • 17 years of experience within the Agricultural industry.

Top Tip/Quote

“Reduce cost, keep it simple and don’t follow fashion.”