Wendy Jenkins


Wendy Jenkins



Key Specialism

Agricultural Business Consultancy
Analysing Business Performance 
Succession Planning
Joint Ventures


Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Business and Legislation

Why are you an effective Advisor?

30 years of agricultural business consultancy experience.

Wendy is a great communicator and finds great pleasure in finding ways to help a farm business thrive.

She has the skillset to analyse business data and provide meaningful benchmarking information allowing Wendy to develop relevant and effective advice with action plans to help that business progress.

Having a great deal of knowledge with joint ventures and succession planning, Wendy is confident in working with new entrants as well as established families when dealing with succession. 

Wendy has extensive knowledge of support schemes including BPS, Water Pollution Regulations and Welsh Government legislation.  

Wendy also has a wealth of knowledge on farm assurance, crop and livestock record keeping.

Working with a wide range of regular clients she provides management accounts and bookkeeping services.

As an agricultural consultant and farmers wife, Wendy is committed to the support of farming business’ in Wales.


  • Director and a founding member of CARA Wales Ltd.
  • Fellow of British Institute of Agricultural Consultants
  • 2.1 BSc (Hons) in Agriculture with Business Studies
  • Member of the Institute of Certified Book-Keepers
  • 30 years of experience as a Agricultural Consultant
  • Regularly prepares talks for organisations and discussion groups.
  • Treasurer of the Federation of Welsh Grassland Societies
  • Lead Advisor on the Advisory Service, and sit on the Delivery Board of the Farming Connect Scheme.

Top Tip/Quote

“Know your business inside out”.