Hannah Priest

Coed Y Paen, Monmouthshire

Fourth generation farmer Hannah Priest is helping prisoners engage with agriculture in her role as assistant herdsperson at a prison farm.

Hannah grew up immersed in farming, with a flock of 3,000 ewes and a herd of beef cattle including award-winning pedigree Limousins.

Farming has long been her passion and in 2016 it prompted her to give up her job as a tax inspector to work as a livestock instructor at HMP Prescoed.

She has since been promoted to assistant herdsperson, a job that not only involves the practicalities of running the pedigree Cilwrgi Holsteins herd and exhibiting the cattle at shows, but helping inmates gain knowledge and experience of farming.

“My goals are to encourage as many people as possible to get into farming but also share vital knowledge with all, including high profile visitors, and to promote what an important industry we are,’’ says Hannah.

When she is not working, she enjoys countryside photography and paddleboarding.

Hannah hopes that the experiences she gains through the Agri Academy Business & Innovation Programme will help in her quest to become a strong female advocate within agriculture. 

“Leadership is vital in building the strength and power of the industry. In a time where a lot of us are more visible, especially via social media, it’s a great chance to share insights into the world of food, farming and agriculture like never before.

“I feel that leaders become impactful when they engage and share information with others. In a continually transforming industry, it is essential to develop and continue to learn.’’