Rhys Evans

Rhyd-y-Main, Gwynedd 

Rhys Evans is on a mission to develop a regenerative farming system with his family on their sheep and beef farm. 

His quest to create a business that produces sustainable food, enhances the environment, embraces community spirit and is financially viable is reflected in his off-farm job, as Sustainable Farming Lead for Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN) Cymru.

Rhys is passionate about farming and nature and is eager to demonstrate how both can, and must, go hand in hand.

 That journey began with a master’s degree in Environmental Management at Bangor University, taking up a role as Conservation Officer at Natural Resources Wales after graduating and later working as Agricultural Policy Officer at RSPB Cymru.

In his current role at the NFFN Rhys is increasing farmer, public and political awareness and understanding of the multiple benefits of nature friendly farming.

He is able to practice what he advocates on the two family farms in Rhyd-y-main near Dolgellau, which he runs with his parents and brother.

Here they have a flock of Welsh Mountain ewes and pedigree Welsh Black cattle grazing 283 hectares of hill and mountain land.

The farm is currently in a transitional phase to regenerative farming, with aspirations to reintroduce native cattle, restore species-rich hay meadows and sell produce direct to consumers through meat and vegetable box schemes.

Rhys says that participating in the Agri Academy will help him to achieve those aspirations, and more.

Rhys sits on the organising committee of the Wales Real Food and Farming Conference

“I’m very excited about what the future holds but I’m also aware that realising our ambitions on the farm will be no mean feat.

“I believe that the Agri Academy programme will give me the necessary tools to attain my goals by opening my eyes to novel and innovative farming technologies and techniques that could be replicated on the home farm.’’