Ellen Firth

Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire 

Ellen Firth has big ambitions and with a pedigree flock of native breed sheep and a flower farming and floristry business to her name, she is already on the path to achieving some of her goals. 

Ellen has worked on many different types of farms from a young age, nurturing her passion for agriculture. 

Since her family settled in the Vale of Clwyd, she has established and runs her own floristry business whilst managing a small farm, and also works part-time at a local veterinary practice. 

Ellen runs a pedigree flock of 40 Black Welsh Mountain sheep, selling breeding stock and supplying lamb to a local hotel, as well as competing at shows. 

She enjoys the process involved in show preparation, recognising the value of passing this rare skill down through the generations. 

Poultry is another of her passions, breeding rare breed Welsh Harlequin ducks, guinea fowl and heritage breed chickens. 

In the last three years she has also established a flower farming and floristry business, with flowers grown using regenerative ‘no-dig’ methods. 

Sustainability is at the centre of Ellen’s business ethos. She is passionate about providing top quality, locally grown flowers for local people, while educating her local community about the importance of supporting the Welsh horticultural industry.

She is now on a mission to show others that it is possible to build a successful and diverse agricultural business on a small acreage. 

Ellen also volunteers with the Alder Hey NHS Trust, sharing her experience of autism after receiving her own diagnosis. She believes in helping others to develop an understanding of autism and spreads awareness by working with families, health professionals and businesses, including agricultural organisations.

As a member of the Agri Academy Junior Programme, Ellen wants to develop her knowledge of the farming industry as a whole, to ensure the future success of her businesses within an ever changing agricultural industry. 

“I feel the agricultural industry is at a turning point, moving towards more sustainable, regenerative practices in the future."

“I am looking forward to learning about these techniques and how we can all implement them.’’