The Horticulture Programme will be split into two levels and will cover the following topics: 

Programme Level

Horticulture Meeting Topics

Entry Level

Soil Health

Minimising external inputs in crop production

Enterprise Sustainability e.g. labour & skills, single use plastic and growing mediums

Enterprise action planning


Advanced Level

Supply chain challenges

Market Drivers for sustainability

Communicating with stakeholders and customers

Enterprise Action Planning


*Please note these may be adapted to suit group members and farming systems 


Delivery Method

  • Members will be split into regional groups (where possible). 
  • Meetings will be delivered as:
    • 3 x On-site/Face to Face meetings (3-4 hours) 
    • 1x Virtual meeting (1-2 hours).
    • 1x 1-2-1 session with each farmer
  • Members WhatsApp Group to facilitate discussion and idea sharing between meetings
  • Key Performance Indicators will be measured to tailor meetings to the group needs and to help encourage change and improvement.