Why Carys would be an effective mentor

  • Carys is an award-winning bee keeper who has competed at agricultural events and shows throughout the UK for more than 25 years. She is in demand as a speaker and has worked with several organisations including gardening clubs, the Women’s Institute, schools and colleges.
  • Acknowledged as a bee keeping expert with first-hand experience, she is in regular demand as a judge and steward at events including the Royal Welsh Show, the Great North Yorkshire Show, the Highland Show, Merionydd County Show and Shrewsbury Flower Show
  • Passionate about bee keeping, which will shortly become her full-time livelihood, her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience is something she is keen to impart to others
  • Carys is keen to help would-be beekeepers adopt best practice from the outset, which includes identifying suitable locations for hives, advising on equipment and sourcing bees, feeding and keeping colonies healthy as well as extracting and selling honey and bi-products.
  • Carys is also currently mentoring and advising a Farming Connect Agrisgôp group on the subject of beekeeping

Current farm business

  • 370 acre tenanted mountain farm within the Snowdonia National Park where she currently farms alongside her father
  • 70 colonies of honey bees (kept at home farm and other land in the locality) but planning to increase this to 200 by moving to a new 26 acre smallholding and establishing hives with other local landowners
  • 300 Welsh mountain ewes, mainly sold on for finishing
  • A Welsh sow and piglets currently kept for turning over land too difficult to plough
  • Free range poultry


  • 2008 - Welsh Beekeepers Association (WBKA exam)
  • 2009 - Welsh Beekeepers Association (WBKA judging exam)
  • Regular stewarding, adjudication and judging duties at the Royal Welsh Show, Meirionnydd Show, Great North Yorkshire Show, Highland Show, Devon County Show and Shrewsbury Flower Show, to name a few

Top tips for business success

“Go on an accredited bee keeping course and seek advice before you buy any bees or equipment.”

“You will always learn something new from bees, so stay open to new ways of working.”

“Always focus on the wider outcomes of bee keeping.   You can look forward to selling honey which is the obvious end product but because bees help pollinate all the plants on your farm, you’ll also improve the quality of the grass and forage which feeds your stock.”

“Bees can provide additional income streams from honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis to royal jelly.”