Why Cheryl would be an effective mentor

  • Bio-chemist Cheryl farms a beef finishing enterprise with her husband near Bangor on Dee. Cheryl has excellent time management skills and juggles the demands of helping out with day to day farming activities alongside her part time off-farm career. Her responsibilities include the day to day running of the farm; maintaining animal welfare standards; farm inspections, monitoring nutrition, as well as administrative tasks. 
  • An automated calf rearing system was set up in June 2019.   This system has the capacity to rear up to 120 calves in one batch and has improved the business cashflow, profitability, and reduced manual handling and labour.  EID software is used to manage the performance of the cattle. 
  • Passionate about educating children and the public about the agricultural industry, Cheryl has been involved in several voluntary organisations such as Cows on Tour, LEAF Education, Country Trust and Facetime a Farmer and has set up her own WordPress blog to educate via social media.
  • Cheryl has knowledge in operational excellence, health and safety, COSHH assessments, farm inspections and business planning. 
  • Cheryl is keen to share her knowledge and experience to help others within the agricultural industry to drive their businesses forward. 

Current farm business

  • 30 acres owns, 112 acres rented
  • 200 beef cattle
  • 400 calves reared annually 


  • 2006: BSc in Biochemistry, University of Liverpool
  • 2017: Various training courses including Managing your Cash Flow, Business Planning & Development and Financial Recording of VAT, Lantra
  • 2017: Member of the Red Tractor Scheme
  • 2017: Winner of the Learner of the Year Award, Lantra
  • 2019: Winner of the Farm Innovator Award, Lantra


Tips for business success:

1) Invest in knowledge and do not be afraid to ask questions however trivial you think it may be, this will best benefit your business.

2) If somethings not working fix it, don’t struggle on doing it the same way.

3) Embrace new ideas, you never know - they might change things for the better.