Why I would be an effective mentor

  • I have lived and worked all my life on the upland family sheep farm, which adjoins the Sennybridge Military Range.  
  • For the last six years, I have also run my own contracting shepherding business, working on numerous farms (including one of the largest estates in mid Wales). 
  • My interest in breeding and selecting puppies for training, working and selling sheepdogs began more than 10 years ago.  Whether I’m farming at home or contracting shepherding, working alongside my own dogs to gather hefted flocks off common land for marking, shearing, dipping etc has become a passion that I’m delighted to share with others.
  • My experience and knowledge of training dogs has been passed to my teenage son, who I have mentored as he has gone on to win numerous young handler trials since the age of 14.
  • I also have 25 years of experience of breaking in and training horses, with many clients repeatedly sending me new horses. 
  • I am an effective communicator and a good listener, happy to offer advice and guidance to help you get the best from your working dogs.

Current farm business

  • 173-acre enclosed upland farm, plus hill grazing rights
  • Flock of 600 Epynt Hardy Speckled ewes that graze on the mountain before being sold on as full-mouthed ewes.

Qualifications/achievements/ experience 

  • Coleg Powys Brecon – agriculture diploma
  • Selecting and training young sheepdogs for working and selling for 10 years
  • Training and breaking horses for 25 years

Top tips for business success 

“Believe in yourself, be confident in your approach and in your own ability, because dogs are intuitive and will respond appropriately.”

“You only get out of something what you put in, and when it comes to training dogs, the more time and patience you have, and the more consistency and kindness you show them, the more your working dog will want to do its best for you.”