Opportunity #785

Location: North Monmouthshire

Land: 185 acres / 75 Ha

Livestock: 28 Beef Sucklers and followers

Agreement: Joint Venture

Provider Profile

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Venture Reference Number: 785


61-64 years old

Non-Welsh speaker

Established family farm with centrally located buildings. Good access for HGVs. I have a new opportunity which will take me off the farm, so I am seeking someone to invest time and ideas in the farm to take it forward sharing the rewards of doing so.

Our goals for the next 5 years:


  1. Step back from the farm to take up a new opportunity
  2. Ensure success of farm
  3. Maintain organic status 


Location (nearest town): Abergavenny

Land area available: 185 acres / 75 Ha

Infrastructure available i.e. buildings, handling facilities: 3 cattle sheds, barn, other storage buildings, handling facilities

Livestock available: 28 Beef Sucklers & 30-odd followers and Hereford bull

Machinery available: Usual machinery for over-equipped livestock / arable farm

Accommodation for the Seeker:  No

The local area: In rolling North Monmouthshire countryside, Abergavenny and Monmouth 


Type of agreement being considered: Joint Venture/Share farming

Key characteristics the landowner is looking for in a business partner: Enthusiastic and hard-working, able to bring fresh ideas to the farm. Potential interest in keeping sheep.