Opportunity #858

Location: Aberdare / Merthyr Tydfil

Land: 35 Ha / 85 acres

Livestock: 45 Pedigree Breeding Welsh Black cows

Agreement: Open to discussion on what type

Opportunity #858

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Start to Farm Reference Number: 858


75+ years old

Welsh speaker

My wife and I purchased the farm as a place to live and bring up our boys in the early 1970’s.

The farm was not our main activity but the cattle were steadily improved and the horns were removed by breeding. We have ended up with a naturally polled herd, which we believe i

s a match for any herd in the breed.

The pedigree herd is farmed on a commercial basis by myself and our son, whilst my wife looks after the office.

If my wife and I step back from the farm, our son who is over 50 years of age does not feel he could do justice to the farm on his own, as he has other commitments and needs another partner.

Our goals for the next 5 years: Step back from day-to-day management of the farm


Location (nearest town): Aberdare / Merthyr Tydfil

Land area available: 35Ha / 85 acres with the possibility of renting back the mountain land if the seeker desires

Infrastructure available i.e. buildings, handling facilities: Modern farm buildings with plenty of space and facilities are all under cover.

Livestock available: 45 Pedigree Breeding Welsh Black cows. Established 50 years ago. Producing bulls annually to the highest standard.

Machinery available: Full range of extensive machinery, with all being new or nearly new machinery in good condition. 

Accommodation for the Seeker: No accommodation provided with the opportunity, but a house would not be difficult to find within the local area. 

The local area: In the Brecon Beacons National Park but very close to a highly populated area with scope for additional farm enterprises. 


Type of agreement being considered: Open to discussion

Requirements of the role including main tasks, responsibilities and skills required: The skills required would be competence with machinery and cattle as this is cattle only farm. Equally important would-be skills with computers and paperwork involved in modern cattle breeding. Needs to be interested in herd genetics in order to carry on with this important aspect of the business. 

Key characteristics the landowner is looking for in a business partner: A person passionate in Cattle Breeding in all its aspects. The family have done a lot of work with herd genetics to improve the cattle, through DNA testing and have produced Pold cattle (cattle without horns naturally). The seeker must enjoy this part of the herd to hopefully improve the herd even further.