Cefngwilgy Fawr Farm Facts

Cefngwilgy Fawr Demonstration Site is a 200-hectare (ha) upland holding farmed by Edward and Kate Jones and Edward’s father, Gareth.

A herd of 50 suckler cows and a flock of 1000 sheep graze the farm, which rises from 700 feet to 1100 feet at its highest point.

Most of the flock is a commercial flock made up of Texel-cross, Aberfield-cross and Mule ewes sired to an Abervale ram.

There are also 300 Speckled Face ewes which are tupped with an Aberfield, Welsh or Crossbred ram to breed replacements; 200 of the lambs from these are retained and Welsh Mule yearlings are also bought in.

The commercial flock lambs indoors from March 1st with lambs sold to Waitrose through its Abervale scheme at a target deadweight of 20kg.

The Hardy flock of Speckled Face and Welsh ewes lamb outside from March 20th.

All lambs are forage fed; a small number are fed concentrates at the end of the season to finish before Christmas.

The suckler herd is mostly spring calving although a fifth of the herd calves in the autumn. A Limousin bull is used on Limousin-cross and British Blue-cross cows.

The business aims to sell offspring as stores before 12 months of age through Bishop’s Castle market.



A 60kW biomass boiler provides heat for the farmhouse and workshop and there is also a 4kW solar system