Fferm Carreg Plas Project Update

John and Ianto Pari, Carreg Plas Farm are half way through the first rotation on the new 26ha Techno grazing system. Daily growths of 34.5 KgDM/ha at the start of March led to 3300 KgDM/ha grass covers. The field had been shut up 100 days prior to the 28th of January.

Currently in the rotation there are 56, 11-12months old heifers weighing an average weight of 309kg. They are being allocated 0.7ha a day, grazing the covers down to 2250 KgDM/ha, before being followed by 30 mature cows weighing 650kg taking the cover down to 1400 KgDM/ha. We aim to complete the first rotation by the 20th of April.





Fresh grass sample analysis